Privacy Policy

North Wales Association of Church Bell Ringers (NWACBR)


Privacy Policy

(1) Personal data is the information provided by the applicant when applying to join NWACBR. The data consists of full name, tower, and type of member (and may include email address). Data which accrues on the member's record includes year of joining, annual renewal information, and history of towers and Branches belonged to. Towers and Branches may also store other information such email address. For members who gift aid their subscriptions, the Association will also hold full postal address, and confirmation of their status as a tax payer.

(2) The lawful basis for NWACBR to use the data is the "legitimate interests" of the Association to be able to manage the Association's affairs and to keep in touch with its members.

(3) Data concerning children under 13 will not be stored or used without appropriate parental or other consent.

(4) Data Protection queries should be made to the Association General Secretary in the first instance.

(5) The data is held in a secure manner and can be accessed by Association and Branch officers as necessary for their role, at the discretion of the Association Committee.

(6) The data held will be used in order to provide members with information about events and meetings related to bell-ringing, to remind of subscriptions when due for renewal and to obtain gift aid where appropriate from HMRC.

(7) The member's name will be listed in the NWACBR Annual Report under the heading of the relevant home tower. Members may request for their name to be omitted.

(8) Personal contact details of Association and Branch officers, and tower correspondents, will be published in the Association's Annual Report and on the website only with their written consent (using a form) for general liaison and enquiry purposes.

(9) The data will be deleted from the NWACBR database at any time upon the request of the member or after a reasonable period following lapse of membership of NWACBR. Names cannot be removed from Annual Reports that have already been published.

(10) The data will not be shared, sold, or used for any purposes other than those concerning NWACBR and its normal activities.


Based on the policy of Hereford Diocesan Guild of Bellringers policy (with permission)