Gift Aid

The North Wales Association of Church Bell Ringers (NWACBR) has its own Bell Restoration Fund (BRF). Set up in 1978 the BRF functions as a charity - to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to Churches in the Dioceses of Bangor and St. Asaph, for the purpose of maintaining and improving bell installations.

As a registered charity the North Wales Association of Church Bell Ringers can reclaim 25% of any donation received with Gift Aid! A £10.00 sub is therefore worth £12.50 if accompanied by a Gift Aid form. The Association Bell Restoration Fund receives the proceeds generated by Gift Aid and every penny counts!

There are certain rules governing what the Association can and can't claim, as follows:

A couple of polite requests:

If you have any questions regarding donations and / or Gift Aid please contact the 

Gift Aid Secretary

Please return all completed Gift Aid declaration forms to the Gift Aid Secretary

Gift Aid Form.pdf