Striking Contest Rules

Association Striking Competition Rules


1. The test piece will be one of the following:

120 changes in any method, Minor or Doubles


Call changes, lasting 5 minutes, with every bell except the tenor being called to lead at least once.

2. A total of 5 minutes practice will be allowed before the test piece is attempted. Time spent adjusting ropes etc will not be counted.

3. Any tower in the Association area can enter a band, subject to Rule 4. All members of a band must be bona-fide members of the tower for which they ring. If more than one band is entered from the same tower, each band must not have more than two ringers in it who ring for the other band or bands.

4. If a tower is short of ringers and would like to enter a band, a maximum of two ringers can be borrowed from another tower, but they must not be the most experienced members of other bands.

5. No ringer can ring for more than two bands.


7. Bands of non-resident members may enter the competition, but they will not be eligible to win the trophies.

Note to the judges.

The method ringing team with the least number of faults will be awarded the George and Norah Randles Trophy.
The call change band with the least faults will be awarded the call change shield.
The bands will ring in drawn order, irrespective of what they intend to ring.
The judge will be informed when a team is ready to start by the treble being rung for two whole pulls.