Gift Aid

As a registered charity the North Wales Association of Church Bell Ringers can reclaim 25% of any donation received with Gift Aid! A £5.00 sub is therefore worth £6.50 if accompanied by a Gift Aid form. The Association Bell Restoration Fund receives the proceeds generated by Gift Aid and every penny counts!

There are certain rules governing what the Association can and can't claim, as follows:
  • Gift Aid can be claimed on membership subs and also on single donations (those over £20.00 require a Gift Aid form if the donor is not a member of the Association), provided that the donor currently pays income tax. The Association can also claim Gift Aid on money raised by collections e.g. church service collections, profits from fund raising events involving the sale of goods, wedding fees etc. under the "Small Donations Scheme" (GASDS).
  • Gift Aid cannot be claimed on donations made by donors who are non-tax payers, donations made by cheque (unless specifically accompanied by a completed Gift Aid form) and subs paid by PCCs on behalf of their ringers.
A couple of polite requests:
  • Could all Branch Treasurers sending money to the Association Treasurer Simon Griffiths please copy in the details to the Gift Aid Secretary Jill Danby via e-mail.
  • Could Tower Captains and Branch Treasurers please notify the Gift Aid Secretary Jill Danby if a ringer ceases to be a member of the Association or ceases to pay income tax.
If you have any questions regarding donations and / or Gift Aid please contact the Gift Aid Secretary Jill Danby. Please return all completed Gift Aid declaration forms to: