Bell Restoration Fund Rules

The North Wales Association of Church Bell Ringers (NWACBR) has its own Bell Restoration Fund (BRF). 
Set up in 1978 the BRF functions as a charity - to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to Churches in the Dioceses of Bangor and St. Asaph, for the purpose of maintaining and improving bell installations.
Registered charity number: 507101.

Amended 2016 and approved by the AGM 12th March 2016. Subject to approval by The Charities Commission.

The Rules of the Bell Restoration Fund are as follows:

1. The fund shall be known as the “North Wales Association of Bell Ringers Bell Restoration Fund”.
2. The object of the fund shall be to advance the Christian religion, by providing financial assistance to churches in the Dioceses of Bangor and St.Asaph, for the purpose of maintaining and improving their bell installation. Financial assistance could be provided in the form of grants.
3. To be eligible to receive a grant the church concerned must contain a ring of three or more bells hung for full circle ringing or be intending to install a ring of three or more bells hung for
full circle ringing.
4. Works eligible for grant aiding could include the following:-
  • Tuning, welding or recasting existing bells
  • Removal of canons
  • Maintaining, repairing or replacing existing frames
  • Maintaining , repairing or replacing existing ringing fittings
  • Augmentations to existing rings of bells including the provision of new bells, framework and ringing fittings
  • The provision of new rings of bells including bells, framework and fittings
  • The provision of variable sound control
5. The fund shall be administered by Trustees, who shall have the power, after considering an application submitted in writing, to approve a grant from the fund.
6. The Trustees of the fund shall be, The Ringing Master, Deputy Ringing Master, Secretary, Treasurer, The Bells Advisors for The Dioceses of Bangor and St.Asaph and four other members of The Association, one from each branch, elected by the branch at their AGM.
7. The Association Treasurer, Secretary and Ringing Master may sign cheques drawn on the fund with at least two signatories required at any one time.
8. The Trustees shall have the power to invest or otherwise deal with such sums as may be placed in their hands.
9. In the event of the dissolution of the Fund the assets of the Fund shall be distributed equally among those churches which at the time of dissolution had at least one fully paid up member of The Association.
10. The Treasurer shall prepare a Balance Sheet and an Income and Expenditure account to show the state of the fund as at the 31st December every year. The accounts shall be examined
by an Independent Examiner appointed by The Association and presented to The Association at the following AGM.
11. No alteration addition or deletion of these rules shall be made so as to cause the Fund at any time to cease to be a charity in law. No alteration addition or deletion of these rules shall be
made except at The Annual General Meeting of The Association or at an Extraordinary General Meeting of The Association especially called for the purpose. Any changes must have the
support of two thirds of the members present. Notice of any proposed rule changes, additions or deletions must be given to the General Secretary of The Association at least one calendar month prior to the date of The Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting.